Stink : People suffer

Stink :  People suffer

In the last six years, the residents of Sunnambu Kolathur have been at the receiving end of civic hassles. But the one that has haunted them for the longest period is the discharge of untreated sewage from the Kilkattalai sewage treatment plant into the Kilkattalai lake surplus canal. The neighborhood has been a breeding ground for mosquitoes and diseases. The pleas of 1,500 families living here have remained unheard. Their struggle with stench is now fast leaking into their lives. 

But that’s only one part of the worry. The contamination is a carrier of infections and diseases, making the residents fall ill frequently. “The entire Sunnambu Kolathur is contaminated due to this sewage discharge of about 12 million liters every day. We are facing contamination of groundwater, wells, breeding of mosquitoes, unbearable stench and diseases daily. When we complain, the officials always report machine breakdown as the reason. But they must go for repair mechanisms instead of simply letting sewage into a precious water body,” said Vani, a resident of Kagithapuram.