Women protest without water

Women protest  without water

A video shared by residents to Express showed that the group of people stood outside the office and refused to leave until the water supply was restored. They were also seen arguing with officials.“For one week, there has been no water. They ve not filled the sump and whenever we asked, they said there’s no water, lamented R Kamala, a resident of Perumbakkam, who was part of the protests.Broken pipes The residents said that the Tamil Nadu Slum Clearance Board did not arrange for Metro Water services too. There are around 96 families in a block and each family has five members. Without one drop of water supply, we have suffered enough, she said.

Residents alleged that all the Metro Water pipes were broken in the terrace and water was seen leaking in abundance. They also said, even when there is a water supply, it comes only for one or two days a week.This has been a persistent issue and TNIE had reported last year on how residents had suffered without water and electricity in Perumbakkam.